The Natural Health-promoting Acacia Fibre

Among potential food components that can be incorporated in the diet, the beneficial role of dietary fibre is largely recognized. Nevertheless, their consumption through naturally rich or fibre-fortified products is still to be increased to match the recommendations of nutritionists.


Fibres are recognized as an important part of a balanced diet and they are responsible for several physiological effects. Evidences on the health benefits of dietary fibre come first from epidemiological observations and the fibre intake has been associated with:
• Improved bowel functioning and a reduced colorectal risk
• A reduced obesity risk
• A reduced risk of diabetes
• A reduced risk of coronary heart disease
Dietary fibre are
systematically taken into account in nutritional guidelines worldwide like for example in “Nutritional recommended daily intakes for French people”. The recommended daily fibre consumption for adults is around 25 to 30 g/day with a soluble fibre dose of 10 to 15 g/day. For children the recommended amount of total fibre follows the “age +5 g” rule (for example: 8 years old means fibre daily recommended intake =13g).
FIBREGUM™ with a guaranteed dietary soluble fibre content (more than 90 % on dry basis as dosed by the AOAC 985.29 method) is a highly suitable product for fibre fortification and nutritional claims.
FIBREGUM™ has a low viscosity
Despite a very high molecular weight (above 200,000 Daltons), FIBREGUM™ imparts minor viscosity to solutions when added to them (viscosity < 1000cP at the concentration of 40%, 25°C).
This is due to the high degree of branching, which makes the molecule extremely dense and compact (i.e. occupying a very low hydrodynamic volume). As a consequence, low viscosity solutions of FIBREGUM™ can be prepared at concentrations as high as 40%, thus allowing the incorporation of significant amounts of soluble dietary fibre without rheological limitation.
FIBREGUM™ is highly soluble
In powder form, FIBREGUM™ has a very high solubility in cold or hot water, up to very high concentrations (43-48% v/v). It works also at very low concentrations and does not require any premix. This property enables the saving of much time, energy and money compared to other competing products.
FIBREGUM™ is highly suitable
for food manufacturing processes
FIBREGUM™ is extremely resistant to heat treatments and remains stable throughout the entire process even when ingredients reach boiling temperatures as in confectionary, baking or in the extrusion processes.
FIBREGUM™ is extremely resistant to acidic conditions and for example in fruits juices applications, the dietary fibre content remains stable after several months of storage.
This provides FIBREGUM™ specific rheological and technological behaviour different from that of the insoluble dietary fibres and other soluble fibres.
Examples of food applications
Fibregum™ can be incorporated to food in order to increase the content of dietary fibre. It can be used in various products such as beverages, confectionery, bakery, dairy products, cereal products, processed fruits, food supplements, and dietetic specialities. FIBREGUM™ can be added in great quantities without modifying the rheology, the taste or the colour of the product. In the following applications, the addition of FIBREGUM™ has a number of benefits besides the fibre enrichment.
The addition of FIBREGUM™ to beverages improves the smooth and round mouthfeel, improves the flavour release and oil phase stability. It does not alter taste or smell and does not mask flavour. The features and benefits of using 2 to 6% FIBREGUM™ in fruit beverages include a process stability of dietary fibre thanks to the great resistance of FIBREGUM™ in acidic medium and at high temperatures, giving processing flexibility. Unlike other soluble fibre, FIBREGUM™ is not hydrolysed at low pH (Table 1).
Gum pastilles containing usually 45-50% Acacia Gum can be positioned as nutritional confectionery when using FIBREGUM™ without modifying the process or formulation. FIBREGUM™ presents an excellent resistance in acidic medium and to heat treatment so that it can be incorporated in all kinds of confectionery alone or in association with gelatine, starch, etc. Chewy candies, for example, could be improved nutritionally and technologically with 1-4% FIBREGUM™. Nutritional value
can be in the same way added to chocolate (5%) without modifying the process or altering taste or rheology.
Conclusions on food applications with FIBREGUM™
Nexira remains available to discuss how FIBREGUM™ can offer nutritional, technical and economic benefits across many innovative applications and market segments.
Nexira provides proven technical expertise to assist food formulators in optimising the many benefits of FIBREGUM™ for the development of innovative products.
By Erwin Febryanto
Business Development Manager - Specialty Acacia Gum (Gum Arabic)


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