Despite its size and relative maturity, the snacks market is continuing to show good growth globally, reflecting ongoing demand for between-meals snacks for consumption at home or on-the-go. New product activity levels also remain very high, reflecting not only the need to maintain competitiveness in the relatively concentrated traditional savory and bagged snacks industry, but also to maintain share in the face of the increasingly wide range of other food and even drinks products marketing themselves on a snacks platform.

Popcorn Makeover

The US continues to dominate the snack foods market, with market and product activity tending to lead developments globally. The region accounts for about half of the global snacks market, despite growing activity in other parts of the world, particularly Asia. One of the fastest growing sectors of the US snacks market in recent years has been ready-to-eat popcorn, which has had somewhat of a makeover to offer healthier, clean-label snacks in a wide range of increasingly sophisticated flavors. The US has the world’s largest and most developed popcorn market and, despite its maturity, sales continue to grow in both ready-to-eat and microwave lines, driven by high levels of competition. The Popcorn Board, an association of US popcorn processors, reports that overall US consumption of popcorn is 16 billion quarts a year, equivalent to 51 quarts per capita, with 70% eaten in the home and 40% in stadiums, theatres and other outof- home locations.

Oleh: Lu Ann Williams, MBA,
Director of Innovation, Innova Market Insights
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