Innovation in Yoghurt White Mass Technology - Sugar Reduction


Consumers all over the world see yogurt as a healthy natural food. The reason for this attitude is that the health benefits of yogurt are manifold. However, a trend towards higher sugar levels is also evident in yogurts. While sugar helps to boost taste, sweetness and other product characteristics, high sugar usage of 20% and more, especially in fruit yogurts, jeopardises the healthy character of yogurt. Consequently, the yogurt segment is also seeing consumers who are increasingly seeking products lower in added sugar. 


Yogurt and yogurt derived products are usually not sweetened by the addition of sweeteners into the yogurt but by the addition of sweetened fruit preparation.

Lee Besler, Project Manager Application Technology, Jungbunzlauer Ladenburg GmbH and Ferid Haji, Product Group Manager Sweeteners, Jungbunzlauer International AG will tell more about innovation sugar reduction in yoghurt, for complete information please read FOODREVIEW INDONESIA Vol.XII/No.2 2017 "Quality Bakery" at or

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