Ingredients Innovation for Seafood Products



Tren pengembangan pangan fungsional berkembang dengan pesat. Hal ini juga terjadi pada produk seafood. Banyak industri seafood yang berusaha memperpanjang umur simpan dan menjaga kesegaran produknya melalui berbagai cara, mulai dari penyimpanan dingin hingga penambahan aditif. Budenheim mendukung hal tersebut dengan melakukan inovasi terkini, salah satunya dengan BeNATUR™. Food is one of the areas in which people are making the greatest efforts to achieve this improvement. This is borne out by the huge number of ‘functional foods’ that can now be seen on the market (those that have some kind of beneficial effect on health in addition to their nutritional function), as well as the appearance of ‘clean-label’ foods without conventional additives. Today, the food manufacturing industry, well aware of this demand from consumers, is engaged in a continuous quest to equip itself with the right technology to achieve these kinds of foodstuffs.

Seafood products are not immune from these new trends. Today, most seafood products on the market have been treated with some form of additive to extend their commercial life and stabilise or manage the humidity of the product itself during its processing, freezing and sale. This is due to the fact that during these stages they lose a great deal of nutrient-rich water, which alters their organoleptic properties, essentially taste and texture.
In view of this, over the last few years BUDENHEIM has focused its efforts on developing new products from natural sources. The result of this research is the birth of a new product family known as BeNATUR™.
products are functional, healthy, biodegradable and environmentally-friendly. BeNATUR™ is thus a new product concept that will allow the food industry to offer consumers high quality value-added products without resorting to the use of conventional additives.
The first product to spearhead this family, is BeNATUR™ CPS 10.
BeNATUR™ CPS 10 is made from 100% natural ingredients sourced from corn that is transformed, using biotechnological processes, into a natural extract classified as a flavour compound, but which also has some interesting additional functions. The most notable of these are its excellent capacity to stabilise humidity, maintain the natural flavour of the foods and imbue them with an outstanding texture.
In addition, BeNATUR™ CPS 10 does not include any substances regarded as allergens and all its ingredients are non-GMO certified (i.e. not genetically modified).
The graph shown here offers a very representative example of consumers’ opinions of the results obtained from using BeNATUR™ CPS 10 in cooked white shrimp (P. Vanammei). The results are compared with their views of natural (i.e. untreated) products and those treated with conventional additives.
In the graph (picture 1) you can see that both the shrimp treated with BeNATUR™ CPS 10 and the shrimp treated with conventional additives achieved the top scores, especially in terms of juiciness and texture. However, a “natural” shrimp without any form of treatment is very far removed from what consumers
expect. Although the shrimp treated with salt only managed to achieve “acceptable” results, the results of the shrimp treated with BeNATUR™ CPS 10 were considerably higher.
Thus as well as being natural, safe and healthy, BeNATUR™ CPS 10 also offers an alternative for processors who are keen to satisfy these new consumer demands by offering the added value of excellent texture, juiciness and flavour.
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